Agendize is the only all-in-one platform! All of our interaction tools are managed from a single place rather than having to manage multiple applications from different solution providers. One consistent approach to train your staff, one consistent experience for your customers, and a relationship with a single solution provider instead of 7! Because our interaction tools are focused on helping you to engage with customers, they are suitable for all industry types and verticals, and help you get the most from your online presence when combined together, either a la carte or as a global solution.



A Dentist, for example, may better serve its patients with Click-to-Call, Appointment Scheduling and Save & Share. A Restaurant may book more table reservations with Click-to-Call and Appointment Scheduling. And a Construction Company may gain more leads and references with Click-to-Call, Form Builder and Save & Share. The options are endless...


  • Our solutions, such as online scheduling, include dedicated mobile versions, making Agendize tools easy to implement and manage from your Website, as well as your mobile device.


  • Our tools are suitable for all of your online presence needs: they are easy to install on your different sites, landing pages (which are often used in SEM campaigns), on your facebook pages, mobile sites and applications.


  • Our International support team is available to help you 24/7. We speak English, French and Spanish.


  • Security: we ensure that your data stay secure and confidential. Our Privacy Policy provides assurances that we won't share or resell any data about your customers or activities. Trust that any data in our systems is securely managed and remains private.


  • Server availability: Our services are not just for SMBs, in fact Agendize solutions are used by major Banking, Insurance, Telecom, and other large companies in over 20 countries.