Configure your Agendize Contact profiles with new Contact settings!

Want to adapt your contact profiles to your needs?

The release of tomorrow will allow you to tailor the contacts feature no matter your activity!

This new Agendize feature allows you to:

1. Customize miscellaneous fields. You can now decide how to display miscellaneous fields, rename them and even mark them as mandatory when required, making it easier for anyone reading or filling your contact profiles. For instance, if you are a doctor, you might want a mandatory field indicating whether your clients have health insurance, and any additional information you may need about their policy.

2. Manage your tags. In addition to having your complete list of basic tags, you can now edit, delete or merge them. Imagine you have 2 tags that might cover the same clients. For a doctor this might be a mix of variations like “New patients” and “New patient”. Now you can merge them to keep your data clean.

3. Organise your contact list. Define which information should be visible directly from your contact list. Do you want the insurance information to be visible immediately as you search your contacts? The possibilities are endless, and all you need to do is drag-and-drop the column fields you want to see!

Access this customization within the dedicated  “Contacts settings” space in your Agendize platform’s “Contacts” section.

Ready to tailor your contacts to exactly your needs?

See you soon ;)

The Agendize team.

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