Your Live Chat convos are now directly nurturing your contact CRM!

Agendize is becoming fully integrated! However you connect with your customers, they all meet in a single place: your Agendize Contact list.

We are excited to introduce the brand-new Live Chat experience!


We added 6 cool new features to further simplify your daily operations:

Feed your hot new leads list! All new chats will automatically feed your contact list.

Personalize all your conversations! The client profile of your chat user will be directly displayed as soon as the conversation starts.

Give all your customers the right answer! Thanks to a smooth experience, you can view at a glance the conversation flow by jumping from one conversation to another and by entering a group conversation, leaving no questions unanswered.

Save time and clicks! The actions you need will be right where you want them. Add an appointment, edit the client profile or leave a note on the client profile right from your chat conversation!

Leave your feedback! Leave a comment on each Live Chat conversation to keep better track of your activities.

Enhance your experience! Use new filters, smart searches, logical sorting and send the conversation history by email to get exactly what you need.

All of this is packaged in a smooth new design, blending perfectly these new features with your favorite ones like message shortcuts and file sharing!


The Agendize team.