1. This feature is located in the “Advanced Options” section. Please refer to the section "Creating/Editing a Click to Call button".
  2. Scroll down to locate the following option : 

-"Show the call's status in the dialog box" : this feature will display a dialog box when the user starts the call, to let him know the status of the call. The second and third icon are grey at the beginning, the first one is black (meaning Agendize is calling the user's phone). The second phone icon will turn black if the first user answers, meaning Agendize is now calling the business. The 3rd icon will turn green when the 2 users are connected. At the end of the call, the widget will display a "Thank you for contacting us!" message, with a "Back to website" button to close the widget. 

-"Close the dialog box" : This will simply close the dialog box of the widget as soon as the user hits "Call".