1. This feature is located in the "Advanced Options" section. Please refer to the section "Creating/Editing a Click to Call button".

  2. Scroll down to locate and activate the following option : 

    If the "Only allow calls during the following hours" option is checked, the Click-to-Call widget will display the following dialog box if someone opens the widget when the button was set up as "closed" :

    Important : the Time Zone (3) of the selected hours can be changed in "Profile settings" (1), then "Preferences" (2) :

  3. If you select the "Allow user to send you a message when you are closed" option, you will have the possibility to assign an Agendize Form to your Click to Call widget.

    Note that the "Default Form" will only ask for an email and a message and will not send a confirmation email to the client. If you want to be able to personalize a form, you need to create/assign a new Form.

    Find more information about forms on the Form Builder support page.