1. Navigate to http://www.agendize.com/login and login with your account credentials.

  2. Click on “Tools” (1), then select Call Tracking(2) on the left section. You need to choose the country of the number(3), then choose if you want a toll-free or a local number(4). Then choose a number in the list(5), and click on “Order a number”(6).

  3. Then confirm the order clicking the button in the pop up that appears.

  4. Setting up your Call tracking number : The first things you need to do to set up your Call tracking number are to add a name (1) (only visible here in the console, will not impact your customers), a country for the destination number and to input your destination number with the optional extension. 

  5. Please note that every time you modify or add anything to a Call Tracking number, you must hit the “Create/Save” button.