1. Feature activation: In the call recording section, activate the recording option.

  2. You’ll notice that if you activate the option, you’ll have to play an audio message to the user to inform him that the call will be recorded, for legal reasons. We have standard audio messages available in several languages, or you can set your own audio message. For this, select the “Link a custom MP3…” option in the drop-down list, and specify the URL of your mp3 file in the field. Check the checkbox indicating that you agree to respect the terms and conditions and privacy policy. Click on “Save” to save the changes.

  3. Get your call recording: To add the «call details » panel in your report, in the “reports” tab, click on “customize report”. 

  4. Select the “Call tracking details” option (1) and click on “save” button (2). On the same “reports” page, you will find the details of all your calls recorded.