1. The Send By SMS feature is available for the 3 types of Save & Share buttons. To activate it, check the “Send By SMS” option. You need to have communication credits on your account for this option to work. For every SMS that is sent, a $0.10 fee will be deduced from you communication credits.

    Click on “Save” to save the changes.

  2. To see how much communication credits you have left, click on Account => Account Settings. You’ll land on the Payments and Budget page, where you’ll see the “Your communication Credits” section. There your can see the credits you have left on your account.

  3. Country selection: When you check the “Send By SMS” option, a link to the “Advanced options” appears. Click it to see the additional options. You then are able to select / unselect the countries to which the SMS can be sent from this button.