Your dashboard

In order to manage your appointments, you will need to open your Dashboard (top left next to the 4 squares) and click on Appointments  (first link on the left).

Form there, you will have a view of you appointments of the day,  access to a weekly, monthly and yearly view , and a quick view of your newly booked appointments.

Weekly view

The weekly view allows you to check your appointments week by week. You can navigate back and forth through different weeks with the arrows next to the date.

To open an appointment and check/edit its details, simply click on it on this view and click on the appointment tittle.

By choosing one of the filtering options(next to the gear icon on the right), you will also be able to customize this view in order to see only a specific services. If you want to see a specific staff, simply click above the photo icon shown in this picture where it is written 1 staff.

With the gear on the right you can export those appointments to a printable or excel format.

Appointment Details view 



Clicking on an appointment will open a more detailed view:

1) Click on the appointment that you wish to view details of (first screenshot)

2) Click on title of that appointment

3) The window will load (screenshot 2) you are now in appointment details

4) You will be able to update the appointment status by choosing one of the standard Agendize statuses 

5) The system history lists all the modifications that were made to the appointment since its booking.

6) Finally, you will be able to edit the appointment by clicking on the "Edit" button.

7) This will allow you to reschedule using free mode

Edit an appointment

To edit the appointment details and the information captured during the appointment booking process click on the "Edit" button when you are on the details view of an appointment.

You will be able to cancel the appointment. Be aware that you CANNOT REVERSE this action!

You will also be able to rescule bypassing system logic. Be Aware!

Book an appointment from the dashboard

In your dashboard, click on “blue square with the plus sign” to manually book an appointment. 

This will allow you to book a new appointment in Agendize straight from the dashboard. Follow the steps of the appointment or staff that you have chose to complete the appointment.