The following article will show you and your staff to edit company information. Brand your company with your logo, URL and description. This is basically the first step of setting up Agendize as these information will be displayed to the customer including the opening hours. Here are some simple steps to show you how.

From your Dashboard, click on settings and Company to edit your company details.

This allows you to put all necessary information about your business, such as the email, company details, address, description of the business and the website.

Following the previous information you can now upload the logo from your business by choosing the file and location of it on your computer.

Once uploaded successfully you should see this (with your own logo)

If you scroll down you will also be able to edit your business opening hours. Simply click and drag the time you want to put.

As a last step you can edit the company vacations which will allow you to block the hours during that time period.

In summary, this page will allow you to edit:

  • Company Name, Mobile Phone, Email and Description
  • Company Address: This address is included by default in the emails sent to your clients
  • Site URL: This will help your clients and Agendize to find your business page
  • Company Logo: Upload your logo here to make it available to include in your emails to your customers.
  • Company hours: Setting your time zone will help Agendize manage your appointments across time zones. Your opening hours will be your staff’s default working hours (but you’ll be able to change it in the staff section)
  • Vacations: creating a vacation time will let Agendize know that your company is closed during this period, and unavailable for online booking at the chosen time.