Adding a New Company

If you only have one company navigate to Installation, click edit beside a booking button, click the Create a Company button, and fill in the necessary fields. If you already have multiple companies, navigate to your Dashboard, click on settings below "scheduling", select Locations, click Add Location, and then fill in all necessary fields. 

Editing a Company

From your Dashboard, click on settings below "scheduling" on the left, click Company or Locations, then click whichever company you would like to edit.

Company Settings

  • Company Name: The name of a location
  • Mobile Phone: The phone number of a location
  • Email : The email address of a location
  • Description: A brief, customer facing, description of your company
  • Company Address: This physical address of your location
  • Site URL: This will help your clients and Agendize to find your business page
  • Company Logo: Upload your logo here to make it available to include in your emails to your customers.
  • Company hours: Setting your time zone will help the platform manage your appointments across time zones. Your opening hours will be your staff’s default working hours (but you’ll be able to change it in the staff section)
  • Vacations: creating a vacation time will let Agendize know that your company is closed during this period, and unavailable for online booking at the chosen time.

Note: This information is very important, as it is what the platform uses to source data from for dynamic text in emails and SMS messages sent to customers and also the info displayed alongside booking widget in the mini site.