To manage your services here are the following steps:

Services are one of the most significant features of the App, Here you will learn to create them to manage and modify them. You will be able to set their hours, chose the staff that is linked with a particular service. You will also be able to modify the time of the service and personalize them with color and photos making it easier to manage them in your personal dashboard calendar. Here are some simple steps on how to do it 

1. Locate the dashboard at the top left corner of the screen.

2. Click on Settings.

3. Within the online scheduling settings, select Services.

4. Click on Add Service.

Following those steps you will now be able to edit service names, prices, duration.

Buffer, limits and personalization of those services with color code and photos.

  • Duration and buffer time: These function allow you to customize the longevity of a service and chose a buffer time to manage the intervals in between. These can be set by a simple drag.
  • Maximum number of appointments per day: This allows you with the simple drop down menu.
  • Color: Putting colors allows you to categorize your services allowing for a easier management of services. Adding a color to your services allows easy visual distinction on your Dashboard
  • Staff Members that can perform the service: In this section you can also chose your staff members you want to group in this services and their pricing; allowing you to divide your staff's expertise and specialization easily. (good tip is matching the staff and service color to help you manage)
  • Service Photo: Putting an image is the final touch to personalizing those service further more, allowing you to have a small preview in your widget.

Advanced Section

The Advanced tab allows you to hide a particular service from your customers, allowing it to only be booked internally. This can be useful if you wish to temporarily hide a service from your widget instead of having to delete it, or for appointments which you do not wish your customers to book directly such as a followup appointment.

In summary the following page will allow you to do the  following:

  1. Name: This will help you and your customers identify the service, and will be displayed in the booking widget.
  2. Description: Not mandatory, but it will help your clients to know more about your service.
  3. Price: This information is not mandatory, and you can choose to display it or not in the widget section. If you want, you can set a different price for each staff member.
  4. Duration: Service duration, from a client point of view.
  5. Buffer duration: If you wish, you can add some buffer time after an appointment to allow for some time between two actual appointments (ex: if you need a 10 minutes break between appointments)
  6. Maximum number of appointments per day: This will help you to better manage your service during the day and limit overflow
  7. Color: This color can be used to in the calendar view and differentiate them in your agenda.
  8. Staff members that can perform the service : select here the team member(s) who will perform the service. 
  9. Service photo : Upload a photo to be displayed for your service in the widget.
  10. Advanced Feature : Hide a service