To manage your Staff

1.Locate Dashboard at the top left corner of the web app

2.Click on settings

3.Click Staff

4.Click on Add staff member

Contact information and role

This window will allow you to set your staff member's role and the information regarding his expertise.

-You can fill their contact information (phone number, email, color , role)

When editing a Staff member, you will be able to enter their contact details.

By choosing a color, you will be able to differentiate a staff member’s appointment in the weekly view.

Select the role you want to assign to your staff member:

  • None: Your staff member will not login to Agendize
  • Admin: will be able to perform any action
  • Schedule: will be able to manage appointments 
  • Read: will only access their appointments

These 3 profiles are customizable in the account page.

Make sure the box is ticked to make your staff member available for online booking. If left "unclicked", this staff member will not be booked using the online scheduling.


Setting up Staff hours and custom schedules

By default, your staff member will be assigned the company’s working hours.

These hours can be customized by dragging the hour period and removed with the gear icon on the side

If you want to temporarily change a staff's work schedule, you can set custom periods. During this period of time, the custom work hours set in this section will apply instead of the regular one.

Set a picture for a Staff

You can add a picture for your staff member, that will be shown to your client when booking an appointment.

Synchronize Staff’s calendar with Agendize

1. In order to synchronize your staff’s calendar with Agendize, simply click on the link to invite.

2. it will bring you to a window where you can put the email.

Remember that you need to enable this feature in the “calendar sync” page for the sync to work.

Advanced Settings :

Scroll down and click on "Advanced settings" to see the following sections :

  1. Assigning services to a Staff member and setting custom prices

    You can choose which service(s) your staff is going to be able to perform. Simply tick them in the list.
    Then, you can set a custom price for this staff for each service, by typing it inside the price box. If you do so, this price will be used instead of the default one.

  2.  Vacation periods

    Finally, to create vacation periods click on the "+" icon (3) to let the platform know that a staff is on vacation and unavailable for booking.