The widget is the customer interface, it's the booking platform they see when using our Agendize web application. This following tutorial will show you how to customize what you want them to see when they reserve. We are talking about displayed staff, services, prices, photos, locations, thank you messages and many more. 

1. Start off by locating Dashboard at the top left corner of the page

2. Click Settings

3. Click Widget

Widget Options

The widget offers a set of customizable options.

This is the sections where you can chose the following options:

1. Display or Not your service duration as the time can vary from customer to customer.

2. Display pricing of services or not. Some company have fees that vary depending on complexity of services; such as a hair dresser.

3. Display Services descriptions , some services can have descriptions but sometimes those services can be expanded to other needs this is why displaying their description could be misleading

4. Display Time Zone or not, this function can be useful as you might have customers from outside the country.

5. Allow customer to select time zone : This feature pairs well with notification, as you would want to put the appointment in your agenda without mistaking timezones.

6. Ask Customers if they would like to opt in to your mailing list: This can be quite the marketing strategy if you have weekly/monthly promotions that you want to share with your customers.

7. Allow client to print a confirmation page: Some customers prefer to have a printed version of their appointment, as they might want to keep a registry of it.

8. Allow client to choose the location: This is mostly used for companies that have different franchises or simply have more than one locations, allowing the customers to book the most convient near them.

The second customizable part is mostly for internal usage (Agendize platform owner). Here are so features:

1. Free slots interval time: This is allows you to schedule an interval between appointment to make sure your staff is ready

2.  Staff name to display: This will let you display your staff by first name, last name or both in any order you want.

3. Display date and time format: This allows chose the format of the language on the widget (ex: english canada or english U.S etc) 

4: Look for an existing customer based on: Is an internal based field that allows you to search existing customer using email, phone or customer reference number.

**You can also customize the widget interface by CSS. To learn more on how to do this, check the Customize your widget interface page.



In this section you will be able to customize the text that is displayed in your scheduling widget. Titles display by default texts such as "Select a service", "Select a team member", etc. can be replaced by the text of your liking. 

To change the displayed texts, fill the fields you want to customize. You can also add a top message (3). Remember to click the "Save Settings" button to save your changes. 

Thank You message

In this section you will be able to customize the message that is displayed when your clients complete the booking process.

It is possible to dynamically add information related to your business or the appointment by selecting the relevant dynamic tag.

Advanced settings

Advance settings takes you to a whole new level of customization, in this following section you will learn how to display new info in your widget window to narrow down and fully customize your business or customers needs.

Scheduling Form

Scheduling form allows to collect the most information out of your customers. See it as a tool who would probe all the information need from your customer. The add field at the bottom allows you to add more than just name, last name, number etc. Add field will allow you to put boxes with information displaying: multiple choices, check boxed, client language, client city, client reference and so many more. You can even add your own personalized field.

You can add as many fields (1) as you wish, using one of the following fields format:

  • Text
  • Text area
  • File upload
  • Multiple Choice
  • Check box
  • Title
  • Page Break
  • Client Language (allows you to know which language to use to contact your client and to send the appropriate template based on this information)
  • Client reference (if you have a unique client id, you can ask for it here)
  • Notification type (allowing your client to choose if they want to be notified by text and/or email)
  • Additional email address for notifications (allowing to cc someone to the appointment notifications)
  • Reminder type (allowing your client to choose if they want to receive their appointment reminders by text and/or email).
  • Client City
  • Client Address First line
  • Client Address Second line
  • Client Zip/Postal code
  • Client State
  • Client Country
  • Date

As you can also see there is a section to the right; the check box allow you to make it visible on widget (if needed) but the empty rectangle will  create a interrogation mark next to the text field to explain that field (just like a small help section) (1)


**1** The quick help tool is show below:

customize on left

shown in widget

Scheduling form

When finalizing the appointment booking, your customer will be asked to provide a set of information by completing a form. By default, these are :

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Phone Number
  • Email

Services Sort

In the advanced settings you can also choose how your services / staff members (or resources if your business uses resources ) will be sorted in the scheduling widget .

To do so, simply select the option from the corresponding list.

Default sort is alphabetically. If you wish to change this  simply drag one of the grey rectangles in the order you desire.

Staff Sort

This section will let you classify your staff by alphabetical order or customize it by dragging them one over the other.




The design area allows you to customize the appearance of your widget by using CSS (cascading style sheets) which is used in web to style your page or web document. Simply add the code in the box

Please go to the following page : Can I change the color of the widget?

Appointment edit page

In their confirmation email, your clients will receive a link allowing them to reschedule or cancel an appointment :

  1. You can disable the cancel button. To do so, simply uncheck the following box :

  2. You can also add a custom text that will be displayed in the appointment edit page (after clicking on the appointment confirmation email).