1. From your Dashboard, click on the "Reports" tab :

  2. From the report section you can have access to the following features :

  3.  The top left section (1) is the "Reports" section.
    - The "All Buttons Report" is the screen you currently see. It shows statistics for all the buttons of your account.
    - The "Customer feedback" : will show you the feedback collected with The Feedback tool
    - The Technical Log will be helpful if you encounter any technical error with Agendize.
    - The Exported Reports will show you an history of the reports you have exported

  4. The Custom Reports section located just below (2), allows you to create a customized report for some specific buttons (unlike the standard "All Button Report" section that gives you a view of all your buttons).
    You can simply create a new custom report by clicking on "+ New Custom Report"

  5. When navigating through the panels, you can specify a Time Period (3) to better understand your statistics. 
    Note that you can also specify manual dates (last option in the dropdown).

  6. The "E-mail this Report" button is useful if you want to email the current Report page to one or several persons. You also specify to send reports periodically :

  7. The Customize Report button (5) allows you to add and remove Panels from your current Report page.

  8. The Export this Report button (6) allows you to save the current Report Page on your computer.