The "Information" section of the Call tracking number configuration screen allows you to configure several information about the number, useful to measure the impact and calculate the ROI of your campaign. These configurations will not affect the working of your number, they will only be used for analytics.

  • Media type: The type of media in which you publish this Call Tracking number. If you have several numbers published in several types of medias, this will allow you to calculate the effectiveness and the ROI per media type in the Reports section.
  • Name of media: The name of the media in which the Call tracking is published.
  • Misc1 ... Misc10: miscellaneous fields you can use for any use, for example the id of your client
  • Notes: Specific notes about the Call tracking number
  • Media cost: The cost of publication of your number in the media. You can choose between monthly or one-time-fee.
  • Publication start and end dates: Specify the dates of your campaigns so that you can measure the ROI per duration of your Call Tracking number.