Yes. You can sync your calendar with Outlook, Google Calendar, Windows Live Calendar, iCal.

To synchronise your external calendars with the platform, go to your Dashboard > Settings > Calendar Sync.

1 Way synchronization:

In order to view your appointments in an external calendar, use the URL provided in the page. The platform generates one URL per staff member, and one combining all of the company's appointments.

To add the calendar to an external calendar, follow the instructions on the page.

NB: Using the above synchronization will only push appointments from the platform to the external calendar. The platform will not have access to the external calendar, hence any appointment in the external calendar will not be seen by the platform (and will not prevent an appointment booking in the time slot).

To perform 2 ways sync, see below.

2 Way synchronization:

The platform can perform 2 ways synchronization with Google Calendar and Windows Live Calendar.

Then, when an appointment is being booked, the platform will check that the staff member is available based on its external calendar, and when the appointment is booked, it will be pushed to the external calendar.

To do so, you will need to:

  1. enable 2 ways sync with the calendar(s) of your choice by checking the box
  2. go to the staff member's page and invite them to synchronize their calendars (see staff page)