1.To manage your staff members groups, go to your Dashboard at the top left corner of your web app.

2.Click on Settings

3.Click Staff

4.Click on “Add Group” to create a new staff members group, or edit an existing staff members group by clicking on it.

In the following page, you will be able to enter the following information:

1. Name: This will help you identify the staff members groups. It will not be displayed in the booking widget. But it can be useful as a filter on your calendar view.

2. Color: This color will be used in the dashboard calendar.

3. Group Members Working Hours: By default, your staff members group will be assigned the company's working hours. Simply drag and drop to modify this time frame.

By clicking the gear on the right you can delete the time slot or copy a time frame so you can repeat it for another day instead of dragging it and recreating it constantly.

Custom periods allow you to customize your working hours depending on vacations, inconvenience, blocked hours.

(ex: if one our your staff group cannot work from a certain day but the company is still open, this function shows you to block only his group's schedule)

The last section of the page allows you to chose the staff member and consolidate it to the group