The feedback form


  1. If the "customer feedback" tool is activated (see Configure appointment Reminders, Notifications and Activity summary), the platform will automatically send your customers this email with a link to a form when their appointment is completed :

  2. Then, the customer answers 3 questions and can validate his vote :

  3. The collected results are displayed in the "Reports" page.



Displaying ratings and reviews


  1. Access the "Reports" section in your Dashboard (see "Getting Started with the Analytics" for more information).

  2. Then click on "Customer feedback" on the left section.

Customers ratings

In this section, you will find an overview of the results collected by the form sent to your customers.

  1. The average score (on 5) for each of the 3 questions of the form.
  2. The details of the answers collected, as a bar chart, and the number of answers.

Customers reviews

When your client fills in the feedback form, it generates an entry in this section, with :

  1. The customer's name
  2. When the form has been filled in
  3. The average score
  4. Toptional comment at the bottom of the form

Navigate with the paging links (5) to see the other reviews if there are more than 6.