Agendize receives frequent inquiries regarding HIPAA regulations.

While HIPAA rules do focus in part on technology, HIPAA is more of an organizational obligation of core standards and procedural integrity for medical professionals and their business practices, to ensure the safeguard of personal information.

This means the complexion for software and software services is one of privacy and security - in conjunction with the business practices of medical professionals.

Agendize software services are considered HIPAA compliant, when used appropriately by medical professional and their practices. Agendize standards include:

  • Security and Privacy policiesSecurity best-practices and standards:
  • Encryption (SSL)
  • User management controls (logins, passwords, access levels)
  • Data & Server Security
  • Daily Data Management Controls (such as backups)
  • Data Privacy (not using data in our systems for any purpose other than the functional aspects of the software services)

These need to be used in conjunction with the medical practice’s own security and privacy controls with medical professionals, their staff and authorized affiliates. Where required, Agendize can employ additional security and privacy measures such as IP restricted access to the service, forced password changes, etc. These custom elements may be subject to charge by Agendize, depending on the scope and work effort required.

For additional information, or for help with specific questions, please email and we will be happy to provide any appropriate input.