The Onboarding Wizard

1. In order to get started with online scheduling, you will need to login.

Go to, and enter your email address and password. 


2. This will open the onboarding wizard. Select “First, tell us about yourself” in order to go through the wizard, or select “skip to the dashboard” if you would like to configure your account later.


3. If you have selected “First, tell us about yourself” enter your company information, industry and business hours. If your business does not fit one of the pre-defined industries, select “Other” and choose “Service-based appointments” or “Resource-based bookings”.
Service based appointments will have a single staff member associated with the appointment being booked, such as a hair salon booking haircuts. Resource based bookings are for businesses such as a gym, offering a spinning class with 10 spots available.

Please note that offering both service based appointments and resource based appointments is not possible within a single location. To achieve this, you will need to create a new location within your account.


Service Based Appointments

1. If you have selected service based appointments, enter the service name, price (if applicable) and duration. From there, select “Add Service”. Continue until you have added all services offered by your business and then select “Continue”.


2. Add your staff members that will be performing the services offered by your business. Once complete, select “Go to your Dashboard”.


Resource Based Bookings

If you have selected resource based bookings, enter the name of the resource offered, price (if applicable) and quantity. The quantity field is the number of simultaneous bookings available within a given time slot. For example, a spinning class may only have 10 spots available for booking during a given time slot.

Once complete, select “Go to Your Dashboard”.


Agendize Dashboard

Now that you have completed the onboarding wizard, you are ready to configure and publish your booking button. Please follow the steps below for both service and resource based businesses.

1. To configure and publish your booking button, select Installation.

2. Under Online Scheduling, select “Edit”.

3. Within the Configuration tab, enter a name for the button, choose the company the button will be used for, or create a new company.

4. To further customize your button, select “Personalization”. Here you can view a preview of the button, enter an external image URL if desired and choose which language the widget will be available in. You can also test out the button from this page and enable Google Analytics for the button. When you have completed configuration, select “Add”.

5. You are now ready to publish your button. Select “Publish” to generate the code that can be used to implement your button in a variety of places. This can include a website, Facebook page, Email signature, QR code or Direct URL.


For more in-depth information about publishing your button, configuring your widget and scheduling process please consult the next document in the series.