Creating a Booking Button / The Installation Page / Website / Facebook / Facebook Mobile App / Email Marketing Campaign / Email Signature / Twitter

Creating a Booking Button

To create a booking button, navigate to the Installation page, on this page inside the box titled "Install Online Scheduling" click the button to the right that says Create New, from there name the button, select which company the button is for (or create one if you haven't yet), and click the button in the upper right corner that says Add.

The installation Page

The Installation page is a tool that generates lines of code to integrate your booking widget in a number of different ways. To access these various integrations, navigate to the Installation page and click the Install button beside whatever you would like to create a button for.

                           Please note: This document will focus on Online Scheduling, but the process remains the same for the other button types.

This will open a popup window containing pre-generated code ready to be copied and pasted. Here you can see that the Online Scheduling button can be published to a website using HTML or and iFrame, Facebook page, Direct URL, email signature or QR code.

Publishing to a Website

To publish your Online Scheduling button to your website, select Publish beside the button you have created and copy the Website(HTML) or iFrame code.

Difference between Website (HTML) and iFrame code:

The Website(HTML) code will display the icon for the Online Scheduling button that was chosen when creating the button, and display your booking widget as an overlay on the page. The iFrame code will display your booking widget embedded within the web page, avoiding the need for your customers to click a button.

To install the code form the Installation page on your website, paste the code that you have copied into your favorite text editor. Note: positioning data will need to be added to this code. By default the styling is:

style="cursor : pointer; border: 0"

Which must be changed to include positioning data.

style="cursor : pointer; border: 0;position:absolute;top:120px;left:120px"

Keep in mind, the positioning data above is just an example. There are other positioning types available. For further reference, please visit

Publishing to Facebook

To publish your button to Facebook, you must first have a Facebook business page. To set one up, please follow the steps outlined in this article.  Within your account, navigate to Installation and select Publish beside your Online Scheduling button. This will open the popup with pre generated code from the previous section. Click "click here" to redirect to your Facebook page.  

Clack the Add online scheduling to your facebook page button. On the next page select which Facebook page you would like to add online scheduling to and then click Add Page Tab. After that, from your Facebook, go to your company's Facebook page and find the Schedule Online tab on the left, sign in with your account credentials, and from the dropdown menu select which company you would like the to create bookings for. You will now see the Online Scheduling Widget within your Facebook business page. If you would like to change the order of your tabs, select Manage Tabs.

Publishing to  the Facebook Mobile App

To publish a booking button on Facebook Mobile App, navigate to Installation and select Install beside your Online Scheduling button and copy the Direct URL. Next Navigate to your Facebook business page within the Facebook App tap Edit Page and select Add a button.

On the next screen select Book Now and on the next screen paste the Direct URL for your booking button into the section titled "Link to Website or App".

When a customer is viewing your Facebook page on a mobile device, they will now see the Book Now button available.

Email Marketing Campaign

If you use the Email Marketing feature on your account,  navigate to Installation, click Install beside the Online Scheduling button, and copy the Email code. Go to the Contacts portion of the platform, select Message Templates located on the  left sidebar, choose a template of your choice or create a new template, and paste the email code that was copied earlier.

Select Save, now when you open the template again you will see the Online Scheduling button within the template.

Email Signature

Navigate to Installation, select Install beside your Online Scheduling button, and copy the Direct URL. Open a new browser tab or window and navigate to your email account and find the Signature or Signature Editor section in your settings. Once there, add an image to the signature to represent you button and then, using your secondary click, link the direct URL copied earlier to that image.

Publishing to Twitter

Navigate to Installation, select Install beside your Online Scheduling button, and copy the Direct URL. Go to a  URL shortener of your choice (like and shorten the direct URL copied earlier. Now you can link your scheduling button in a Tweet without consuming precious characters!