This article will describe the steps to start using the Agendize mobile application without having a password. 

Step-by-step guide

Download the Agendize App for Android

  1. On your Android device, open the Google Play Store and search for Agendize.
  2. Select the download button, and sign into your Google Account if required.
  3. Once downloaded, open the app from your home screen or from the Open button in the Play Store.

Generate the Magic Link 

  1. From the login screen, enter your email address associated with your Agendize Account and select 'Send Magic Link'.

  2. Select 'Open your Mail Apps' to be redirected to your inbox.

Login using the Magic Link

  1. Once redirected to your Mail application, locate the email sent from '' containing the Magic Link.
  2. Select 'Sign into Agendize on your mobile device'.
  3. Your mobile device will now open the Agendize app and login. Once logged in, select 'Let's Go!' to start using the app.