When sending notifications to your staff or clients about their upcoming appointment, you will see that by default Agendize is doing a great job and offering you a beautiful template. Although what if you want to customize it, so that every different services or staff have their own personalized notifications. He is how:

1.(Location) Locate the service ID number by going to dashboard->settings->widget->open widget. Once the widget is opened you will now see the series of number in the URL bar. See screenshot

(staff) To locate the staff ID number by going to dashboard->settings->staff->select the wanted staff. Once you are brought to the staff you want copy the link in the URL (screenshot below). Make sure you copy the last numbers and not the other one as it is the company ID.

2. Once you have copied those ID number just go to dashboard->settings->notification->mouse over the notification you want to change->edit email.

3. Once you are in the template you want to modify the body by putting one of the following dynamic text. 

{if:service id=123456} {if:staff lastname=Smith} Once put in just change what you need to change in the body.

As you can see the bracket says it all If the company ID= something something the body will show the following.