1. Install Agendize directly from the YEXT directory


2. Choose whether you want 1 account per location or one account for all your locations. Agendize automatically imports the location data from Yext. 


3.  Configure the administrator account and click on “Add Agendize” and after installing the Agendize app, your business location, service, and staff information will be imported

4.  Customize your connector: associate each of your Yext locations with your Agendize locations.

5.  Or quickly create your Agendize locations directly from Yext in a few seconds

6.  Now, if you go back on one of your locations, you will be able to see “Featured message” and “Websites” automatically filled with the URL booking. So you don’t have to worry about that!

7.  Finally, it’s time to configure your Agendize account! Go to Appointment Settings and start modifying your widget.

(For this example, we chose one account for all locations).

If you change the location’s name, address or even phone number in your Yext account, they will be automatically updated in your Agendize app.

If you need further assistance, contact our Customer Support by clicking directly here.