At Agendize we understand that businesses use different CRMs, this is why we want to facilitate them. We have added Pipedrive to our numerous synchronization connectors. We also realize that they has a client base of over 50 000 customers this is why we have created an article to show you how the sync works.

How it works?

-You will be able to see the contacts you have in Pipedrive when trying to book a new customer from the Widget in your back office booking

-If the contact also exist, it will create a double in your agendize CRM 

-If it is a new contact it will add in your Agendize and Pipedrive CRM


If the contact exists in one of the CRM (Agendize or Pipedrive) by creating a new customer that is not in one of them will create a double for the other platform.

Step-by-step guide

Steps in Pipedrive

  • locate the URL (you will need for step 5 in Agendize)

  • Locate the API key by clicking settings at the top right

  • Click API and copy it. You will need to paste it in step 5 

Steps in Agendize

  1. Log into Agendize
  2. Go to Dashboard settings
  3. Following that click on the location (if you have only one skip this step)
  4. Click on Mailing List & CRM
  5. Scroll to the bottom and locate the Pipeline connector click on the check box, put in the URL as discussed before and copy paste the API key