Adding a User

To create a user that is not attached to a staff member navigate to your account in the upper right corner of your Dashboard, select Access and Permission, and then click the Add button. In the window that opens, complete blank fields and select the rights you would like the user to have. Below is a list of what rights each role gives. 

Administrator - Full access and control of the platform

Analytics - Access to reports, the ability to create custom reports, email/export reports, view completed forms, and listen to call recordings 

Billing - Access to Payment and Budget to add communication credits/change subscription


Button Management - Access to the Installation page to create, edit, delete, add emails for notifications to, and install all buttons

Scheduling Account Administrator, Scheduling Account Staff, and Scheduling Account Reader - These roles can all be customized by going to the Settings beneath "Scheduling" on your Dashboard, click general settings, and scroll down to "Staff Roles". From here you can select each of the roles and check the boxes beside what you would like users to have access to.

After you hit Save, an invitation will be sent to the address entered previously informing them that they have been granted rights. If the email address already has an account associated with it, upon clicking Sign in, they will be prompted to sign in in order to connect their account. If the email address does not have an account associated with it, clicking Sign in will prompt the user to create a new account.

                                                                                            *Note: new users will need to verify there account through an email sent post creation

At any time you can add or remove rolls from any user (note: a user can have multiple roles assigned to them)