Creating and Maintaining Accounts

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Creating a New Account / Viewing an Existing Account / Modifying an Account's Features / Logging Into an Account

Creating an Account

To create a new account navigate to either Contacts or Dashboard and click on the green button towards the upper right corner that says "Add New Client" below it. 

On the next screen you are able to enter all of your client's information. To allow your customer to configure their own password upon their first log in, check the box beside "Let the client configure the password".

Towards the bottom (depending on what features your reseller console is able to add to new accounts) you are able to, but feature, check what your parts of the platform your client has access to.

You can also dictate how many users you client can put on their account and also how much communication credits your customers have initially for SMS messages and phone calls.

Viewing an Existing Account

To view an existing client navigate to Contacts and select an account. From this screen you are able to see all company information. From here you can view a clients information, their individual SSO token, Tags for organization, enabled platform features, how many user accounts they have, and communication credit balance. 

Modifying an Account's Features

To add users and/or add or remove features from a clients account, navigate to Contacts, select an account, and the click the Modify features button toward the right side. From the window that opens, you can check features you want enabled and at the bottom you can select how many additional users you would like to add.

Logging into an Account

To log into a client's account from the Reseller Console, select to Contacts and click on an account. From there yo can either click Log in as Client or Log in as Partner.  

The Log in as Partner button allows you to log in as the reseller and administrate the account; with this login option you are able to see and interact with all parts of the platform, even ones you have hidden through your white label. The Log in as Client button allows you to log in as the client themselves; from this login you can see the platform as your client would, fully white labeled. For more information on white labeling through the reseller console, click here.

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