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Integrating Google Analytics with Agendize Tools

You can track the actions of each Agendize Button using Google Analytics. In addition to being able to track the actions, you can configure the completed call, appointment, form, save, share and comment actions as conversion goals, with each open of the dialog box being tracked as a step in the funnel to that goal.

Agendize Setup

First of create your Google Analytics account. 

When creating your new account you will be brought to this page(see screenshot). Enter the account name (this information can be anything you want), Followed by the website name. Following that for website name, make sure you copy paste the URL of your widget. Be careful when copying, as HTTP is already displayed in website URL (make sur to erase http://). Once that is setup, you are now ready to move foward with the integration.

To get started on integrating your Agendize actions with your Google Analytics stats, you first need to get the Google Analytics ID for the website on which the Agendize buttons will be placed. To get this ID log in to Google Analytics, and choose the relevant account. On the list of Website Profiles, find the one belonging to the site in question, and copy the UA-XXXXXX-X (or G-XXXXXXXX). That is your Google Analytics ID.

  1. In the Agendize platform, navigate to Installation and select Edit beside a button of your choosing. 
  2. In the Personlization tab, select the checkbox to enable the Google Analytics integration enter the Google Analytics ID (starting with 'UA-' or 'G-') and select Save.

How will my actions appear in Google Analytics?

Your Agendize actions for the majority of the Agendize tools will be sent to Google Analytics as pageviews on fictional pages. When a dialog box loads, “/agendize/<action type>/load” is sent, and when an action is completed (phone call is connected, etc.) “/agendize/<action type>/action” is sent.


For Online Scheduling, Agendize Actions are also sent to Google Analytics as Events. This will allow you to track each time the Online Scheduling widget is opened, a service is selected, a staff member is selected, a date and time for appointment are chosen and when an appointment is confirmed.

Configuring Goals

To configure Goals, navigate to Admin > View > Goals.

  1. Select + New Goal.
  2. Set a descriptive name to represent the Goal. For example 'Scheduling Widget Loaded'.

  3. Set the 'Type' to Destination for any tool except Online Scheduling. Select Next.

  4. In the Goal Details section set the drop-down menu to 'Equals to' and the URL to one of the URLs in the table below.

  5. Select Save.

Verify the Goal

  1. To verify that the goal is working, navigate to Real-Time > Conversions.
  2. On your site in a new tab or window, perform an Agendize action such as clicking the Schedule a meeting button to open the widget window.
  3. In the tab with Google Analytics, you should see the Goal Conversion appear in the table and see your Active Users set to 1 (or more depending on traffic)

Event Goals for Online Scheduling

For Online Scheduling, Event goals can be set up. The following Events are sent to Google Analytics:

  • Scheduling Widget Loaded
  • Selected Service
  • Selected Staff
  • Selected Day
  • Selected Hour
  • Confirmed Appointment

To set up Event Goals, navigate to Admin > Views > Goals.

  1. Select +New.
  2. Enter a descriptive name for the Goal. Recommended is the same name as the Event that is sent from Agendize to Google Analytics (see list above).
  3. Set the type to Event.
  4. In the Goal Details page, set the Event Conditions to the following:
    • Category Equals to "Company ID - Company Name"
    • Action Equals to one of:
      • Scheduling Widget Loaded
      • Selected Service
      • Selected Staff
      • Selected Day
      • Selected Hour
      • Confirmed Appointment
    • Label Equals to Blank (leave the field blank)
    • Value Greater than Blank (leave the field blank)
  5. Set Use the Event value as the Goal Value for conversion to YES.
  6. Select Save.

Action URLs for Destination Goals (pageviews)


Action TypeDialog Box Open URLCompleted Action URL
Click to Call/agendize/call/load/agendize/call/action
Schedule an Appointment/agendize/scheduling/load/agendize/scheduling/action
Send by SMS/agendize/sms/load/agendize/sms/action
Save to Calendar/agendize/pim/load/agendize/pim/action
Save to Address Book/agendize/pim/load/agendize/pim/action
Comment & Rate/agendize/testimonials/load/agendize/testimonials/action
Send by Email/agendize/email/load/agendize/email/action
Save to Blog/agendize/blog/load/agendize/blog/action
Send by IM/agendize/im/load/agendize/im/action
Combination Button/agendize/combo/load/agendize/combo/action
Save to GPS/agendize/gps/load/agendize/gps/action
Save to PDF/agendize/pdf/load/agendize/pdf/action

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