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Account: This is the highest level. You can manage one or multiple Companies (or Locations) and Users from it.  

User: A User is anyone who can connect to the service (login; password; SSO) or has a calendar on their name. Each User can be granted a specific role and level of access and permission to the Account.

Company (or Location): A Company is defined by a company name, opening hours, logo, address, and phone number. 

  • A service-based company enables you to define staffs and associated services, along with resources required for each service.
  • A resource-based company only defines material resources to be booked online (eg: hotel rooms, rental service, restaurant tables).

Staff: Staff are the employees or teammates handling a service for an appointment with a client, and able to provide an access to the resource required for the service. The availability of a service depends on the staff's own calendar and optional resources.

Service: A service is a type of appointment given by a Staff member to one or more Contacts, maybe with one or more Resources. Examples: a 15-min haircut, a 30-min phone consultation, or even a 1-hour meeting.

Resource: Attached to a Service, a Resource can be a meeting room, seat, piece of equipment… anything required for a Service to be performed. For instance:

  • house visits that need both a real estate agent to be available (to attend the visit, which is the service), and the house to be available for visits (it's the resource).
  • beauty salons requiring material (resources) that limit the booking capacity whereas there are enough staff members to provide the service.

Widget: The Widget is the interface from where a Contact books an Appointment with a Company. 

Widget Fields: You can customize your booking Widget to taylor its behaviour to your needs. This will allow you to decide what data you capture when an appointment is booked.

Scheduling Process: The Scheduling Process let’s you change how people schedule appointments. 

Notifications: Notifications in regard to appointments are sent to your Contacts, Staff or yourself. For instance: texts or emails prior to appointments, customer feedbacks, and daily reminder activities. You can customize the Message Templates for your Notifications.

Contact: A Contact is someone registered into your CRM after an engagement (appointment, form filled, call tracking, click-to-call...). Contacts can be imported into your CRM using an excel file or the API.

CRM: This is your list of Contacts.

Reseller (or Partner): Someone who can create, configure and manage multiple Accounts from a dedicated console. Please contact Agendize should you have any questions about our Reseller/Partner Program.

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