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How to generate a temporary Sign On URL?

The Sign On method described below allows you to securely log your users to the Agendize dashboard. To do so, you will need to generate the URL below with the following URL parameters:

Note: please replace by the server name you use.





Account email


Timestamp in milliseconds (number of milliseconds since 1970/01/01)


Session timeout, defined together and configured by Agendize - for now this is hard coded to “600000”.



HMAC SHA-256 value calculated by concatenating emailts and t as the message, using the user account’s SSO token as the key. 

mac = Hmac(HmacSHA256, email + ts + t, user_sso_token)



Personalized error page, where the user will be redirected in case of error.


Note: here is a PHP script to generate such SSO URL.

HMAC generator page

In order to assist with validation of the SSO generation code, your team can use an HMAC generator page created by Agendize to compare against the value generated by code. On this page, you’ll only need to enter the email address, timestamp and user SSO token in order to generate a working SSO URL and compare it to the URL generated by the code: 

Note: please replace by the server name you use.

Sample URL

Note: please replace with the server name you use.

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