Customize email, text message & ICS event templates for notifications or reminders

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How to edit templates of notifications and reminders for emails, text messages and events


The platform allows you to customize the reminders and the notifications sent automatically to your customers, staff members and manager (by email or text message). This following section will show you how.

Go to Dashboard > Settings > Messages Templates:

There are 3 types of templates:

  1. Email Templates: notifications & reminders sent by email
  2. Text Message Templates: notifications & reminders sent by SMS
  3. Calendar Events: ICS files attached to an appointment confirmation email, enabling clients to easily add a new appointment to their own calendar

There are 3 types of recipients for notifications:

  1. Staffs: the notification will only be sent to the one assigned to the appointment
  2. Clients (or contacts)
  3. Manager (you): all recipients listed in the Manager email address field (separated with a coma) in Settings > Notifications will receive manager notifications and reminders by email

How to edit an email template

Click on the title of the template to edit:

Template editor

You can rename the template to reflect your use case and the email subject. The WYSIWYG editor is available to edit the content of the email template, with dynamic text based on client inputs as well as on contact fields from CRM. Please note that you can choose to edit the HTML code of the template to fine-tune your changes through the menu Tools > Source code.

Dynamic data from widget fields and CRM (placeholders)

A dropdown of all data from the client input and the CRM is available to insert text values dynamically:

Note: Templates can include dynamic texts that will be automatically replaced by their value when the message is generated. For example, the dynamic text "{company address}" will be replaced by the address of your company. You can also use if statements ({if:...} {endif}) for some dynamic texts to define cases on a specific service, group of service, existing value (ie: non-null)... 

{if:serviceGroup=Test}Test group{endif}

{if:service id=76543987654}Service{endif}

{if:service=Training}This is a training{endif}

{if:service external id=meeting}This is a meeting{endif}

{if:video conference link}{video conference link}{endif}

{if:localization=companyAddress}Location: {company} {company address} {company address 2} {company city}, {company state} {company zipcode}{endif}

Appointment location: {service location}

{if client tags = VIP} VIP client (tag list: {client tags}) {end if}

{if:custom field 1640764681910 value=test}value "test" found in field ID 1640764681910{endif}

{custom field myExternalId value}

File attachments

Files (such as a PDF) can be attached to the email template.

How to edit a text message template

The list of templates is very similar than the one for emails. Of course, the template editor is different since no formatting can be applied.

Each template can be renamed and the message body should be limited to 140 characters, in which dynamic text can be searched and replaced. Please be cautious when evaluating the number of characters of a dynamic text, to avoid text messages to be too long and maybe truncated.

Custom calendar event templates

There are two types of recipients for ICS calendar events:

  1. Staffs
  2. Clients

Template can define informations to be displayed in the preview of an appointment, especially the location but also the description itself once it is imported in the client's calendar software.

Please note that the location of the appointment can be very different depending of the nature of your business:

  • Address of the business (face-to-face meeting)
  • Address of the contact
  • Phone number / concall to dial
  • Videoconference / online meeting URL to join
  • Custom location based on data from the CRM or the client input

How to reset a template

Once a template is edited, a red icon will signal it in the template list. You can click this icon to reset the related template if need be:

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