Booking Appointments from your Salesforce Contacts or Leads pages

Agendize allows you to create a custom button in your Salesforce Contact or Leads Cards that launch the same open booking interface your clients use to book appointments. 

However, this button offers the added benefit of pre-populating your customer confirmation page using the information contained in contact/leads cards you book from. 

Below you can see the option to “Book an appointment” and “Book in Salesforce” available above your client information:

Pressing these buttons opens the Agendize scheduling widget in a new window with pre-loaded client info,

or directly within your existing Salesforce page.

To create a booking button and add it to your contact cards, in Salesforce you’ll need to:

(To create a booking button and add it to your lead cards you will need to create a button relative to Leads instead of Contacts and edit the Lead card layout instead of the Contact card layout.)

1) Go to Setup > Build > Customize > Contacts > Buttons, Links and Actions > New Button or Link

2) Configure Display Type as Detail Page Button

3) Under Behavior, you can choose how you want your booking interface to open (whether in a new page or within Salesforce)

4) Copy the ID number of your Agendize booking widget, which can be found within the direct URL of your account’s booking button, e.g.:

5) Place this ID number within following code, as indicated by the number signs:{!Contact.FirstName}&lastname={!Contact.LastName}&phone={!Contact.Phone}&email={!Contact.Email}

6) Your complete Salesforce booking button code should look like this, with the appropriate ID number selected:{!Contact.FirstName}&lastname={!Contact.LastName}&phone={!Contact.Phone}&email={!Contact.Email}

7) Within the setup page for your button, all your inputs together should look like this:

8) Once that is set, add this button to your contact cards by clicking “Edit Layout” at the top right of a contact card page. 

9) Locate the button in the top panel and drag it down to the button section, then hit save in the top panel. 

From here, you should be able to book appointments with automatically loaded contact information from any customer contact card in Salesforce! Have fun!