Sending Quick Appointment Invitations in Salesforce using Email Templates

If you want to send quick appointment invitations to your clients from a Salesforce Email Template, Agendize allows you to do that, all while automatically selecting your service, appropriate staff member, and auto-filling your client confirmation data so that they only have to pick a time and date for the appointment to take place!

To get started, you'll need to:

1) Copy your Company ID for Agendize, as found in the "Tools" section of the platform. This ID can be found in your company's direct booking URL, as highlighted in the example below.

2) Go to Salesforce's Setup panel and input "template" in Salesforce's "Quick Find/Search" box. Then select "Email Templates" and click on "New Template" as indicated below.

You can also follow Salesforce's tutorial on creating new Email Templates here:

3) After you create some appropriate introductory text, include the following URL (replacing <CompanyID> with the number you obtained in the first step) in your text email template. This will serve as a link for your client's quick bookings. This URL is made for sending invitation to Contacts, if you want to invite leads replace 'Contact' by 'Lead'.<CompanyID>?lang=en&staff={!Contact.OwnerEmail}&firstname={!Contact.FirstName}&lastname={!Contact.LastName}&phone={!Contact.Phone}&email={!Contact.Email}

The Email Template configuration panel should then look something like this:

4) Once saved, you'll just need to select "send an email" from a contact card in Salesforce, then select the template you just created, and see how your clients love the easy, quick ways they can book through Agendize! Have fun!