Post installation of the Salesforce application

In this tutorial, you will configure your Salesforce application. You will first change the configuration of the OAuth policies and then manage authorized profiles.

Configuration of the OAuth policies

Go to your Salesforce account, then:

  1. Under Setup, click 'Manage Apps'.
  2. Select 'Connected Apps'.
  3. Click on 'Agendize'
  4. Click on the top centered button 'Edit Policies'.
  5. Under 'OAuth policies' click on the drop-down menu 'Permited Users' and select 'Admin approved users are pre-authorized'.


    Salesforce will show a warning dialog that you can valid. 

  6. Click 'Save' button.

Manage authorized profiles

  1. Stay in the Agendize page app and go down under 'Profiles' section then click on the 'Manage Profiles' button


  2. You will land in a page full of profiles. Select all the profiles you want to be able to access to the app starting by the System Administrator.

  3. Click 'Save' button.