Enabling your customers to book on someone else's behalf

This feature will allow your customers to book on behalf of someone else's, as well as enabling you to manage links between your client profiles. 

First, access your booking widget settings. Everything starts here! Here you can choose if you want to allow your customers to make an appointment for someone else or not. You just have to activate it by clicking the check box.

On the customer's end, the booking process is also simple. When they want to book an appointment with you, a check box allows them also to make an appointment for themselves or for someone else.

If they chose to make an appointment for someone else, they have to input their own information, as well as the information of the other person. They can chose to notify themselves or directly notify the person by clicking on the button “ me” or “someone else” below their personal information.

If your account manages mandatory or optional online payment don’t worry, this feature is still active when a customer books for someone else. The customer in charge of making the appointment will be in charge of the payment.

And now, you can check your CRM, you’ll see the new profiles will be created for both the person who booked the appointment and the person being booked for an appointment. The two profiles are linked and a unique field appears to specify the name of the person who made the appointment.