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Email Marketing and Templates


Email-marketing can be used to send out newsletters, promotions, or simply information email when your business changes open hours or relocates to a new address. This does require prior marketing consent from each contact, defined in your privacy policy settings.

To start an email marketing campaign go to the Contacts section along the top of the page. You can send out an email to your clients if they consent to marketing communication as defined in your privacy policy settings. 

Opt-in marketing

You can get an idea of all clients who subscribe to such communications by filtering upon the opt-in marketing status in the advanced search filters:

You can select possible values:

  • Yes: registered clients who consent to marketing communications ;
  • No: registered clients who do not consent to marketing communications ;
  • All: clients who are not associated with a consent (ie: clients added to your CRM before you enabled specific consents in your privacy policy settings).

Sending Marketing Emails

If you want to email a single contact, mouse over a contact, then click the teal button with a paper airplane on it.

If you want to email multiple people, select contacts by clicking the check boxes beside their contact them on the left, then click the teal button towards the top that says "Send Message" with a paper airplane on it. For information on how to filter your contacts, using tags, for a more efficient email marketing workflow, click here.

After that, you will come to the Compose Email screen. You have the option toward the top to select a template for you email, or you can manually create an email marketing campaign by manually typing into the email field below. You may want to enter an email address for responses if you want get responses when the recipients hit Reply: this email address will be selected when they do so (Reply-To). You can also add dynamic text directly into your email by selecting the component you want from the drop down menu that says Select a dynamic text.

Messages formerly sent can be found in Sent messages subsection:

Dynamic Text

Before creating template it is useful to understand what is mean by the term "dynamic text". Simply put dynamic text is an easy to use way to put unique info about a company or client into a template without having to create a discrete email for each and every contact. For instance one you can use the {name} operator to tell your marketing campaign to insert a clients name into an email or SMS; so when you send an email to saying {name} to 10 different clients, the Agendize CRM is able to source each individual contacts name to make an email more personal and interactive. For details on adding info to a contact, click here.

Creating Email Templates

To create an email template navigate to the Contacts section along the top of the page, then click Message Templates on the left side of the page. From there, you can select a template which you wish to edit or select "create a new template" at the top of the screen. On the next page you have the option to name your template, assign a subject for when it is emailed out, and compose a body using plain and dynamic text.

Please note that you can define a template as marketing or transactional (meaning no opt-in is required):

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