Pre-populate contact info in the scheduling widget

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How to prefill data into your scheduling widget form

When sending an emailing including a scheduling link for instance, you might want to spare your clients from filling in their personal data in the scheduling form. 

You can pre-populate the contact info (first name, last name, email, phone) in the URL to your scheduling widget. Here's how to do it.

Add GET parameters to your scheduling URL

The URL of your minisite is like If you use an iframe integration, the URL of the widget is like (Where XXXXXX is the company ID).

In this URL, you can add GET parameters to prepopulate the contact form that appears at the end of the scheduling process. The name of these parameters are the following: 

  • First name: firstname
  • Last name: lastname
  • Email: email
  • Phone: phone

To add parameters to the URL, add the character '?' at the end of the URL (except if there is already a '?' with other parameters, like "lang" for example) and then add <name of parameter>=<value> for every parameter, separated by the character '&'. 

Custom fields

You can also populate custom widget fields or CRM fields, by adding their ID the same way in the URL. You can obtain the ID of a field by click on it in the widget field editor:

Note: You can also define an external ID (externalId) and refer to it: ...&company=MyCompany


Here are two examples: 


Clicking on such link, the user will go through the scheduling process and reach the contact info step: after checking all prefill data, he/she will simply have to confirm the scheduling form.

Important note about data privacy

If you use a Google Analytics tracker, lease make sure that you do exclude these 4 GET parameters from the tracking, so that no personal data is collected to GA in the process: phone,email,firstname,lastname

Please refer to this documentation for more details:

Important note about the ability to encrypt appointment scheduling URLs

The Agendize platform allows you to encrypt URLs in order to secure any personal data (last name, first name, email address, etc.):

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