Creating and Managing Staff Members

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Creating and Managing Staff Members

Staff are the employees or teammates handling a service for an appointment with a client, and able to provide an access to the resource required for the service. The availability of a service depends on the staff's own calendar and optional resources.


Video tutorial

Create and modify your staff members:

Define the availability of your staff members:

Adding a Staff Member

Navigate to the Dashboard, click on Settings on the left below "Scheduling", select Staff, click on Add Staff Member, and fill in all pertinent information.

Editing a Staff Member's Information

Contact Information and Role

Navigate to the Dashboard, click on Settings on the left below "Scheduling", select Staff, and click on the staff member you would like to edit or add information to. From here you can easily enter all of your staff member's contact info like their full name, phone number, and email address.

Color: By choosing a color, you will be able to differentiate a staff member’s appointment in the weekly view.

Role: Select the role you want to assign to your staff member:

  • None: Your staff member will not login to Agendize
  • Admin: will be able to perform any action
  • Schedule: will be able to manage appointments 
  • Read: will only access their appointments


Note: These 3 profiles are customizable in the account page.

Staff member available for online scheduling: Checking this box to make your staff member available for online booking. If left un-checked, this staff member will not be booked using the online scheduling.

Staff Member Hours: By default, your staff member will be assigned the company’s working hours. These hours can be customized by dragging the hour period and removed with the gear icon on the side. If you want to temporarily change a staff's work schedule, you can set custom periods (eg: temporary part-time, expected overtime for a specific month). During this period of time, the custom work hours set in this section will apply instead of the regular one:

Staff Photo: You can add a picture for your staff member, that will be shown to your client when booking an appointment.

Calendar Sync: In order to synchronize your staff’s calendar with Agendize, simply click on the link to invite.

The link will bring you to an email template where you can enter the recipient's email address and a subject to invite them to synchronize their calendar.

Note: You need to enable this feature in your Calendar Sync settings. Click here for more info.

External iCalendar URL: You can enter the ICS URL of a calendar published online, be it a Microsoft Exchange calendar of your availabilities, an iCloud calendar or a shared calendar of all bank-holidays in your country.

Advanced Settings

At the top of the screen click Advanced.

Staff Member Services: Check and uncheck different services to determine what that staff member can be booked for. You can also set a custom price for this staff member for each service by typing it inside the price box.

Vacation periods: Set a staff member to be unavailable for booking due to a holiday or vacation by clicking the Add vacation button then entering a start and end date:

Creating and Managing Staff Groups

To manage your staff members groups, go to your Dashboard, click on Settings, select Staff, navigate to Groups along the top of the page, and click on Add Group. To edit a group, navigate to the Groups page as previously mentioned and click on an existing group. 

Name: This will help you identify the staff members groups. It will not be displayed in the booking widget. But it can be useful as a filter on your calendar view.

Color: This color will be used in the dashboard calendar.

Group Members Working Hours: By default, your staff members group will be assigned the company's working hours. Simply drag and drop to modify this time frame. By clicking the gear on the right you can delete the time slot or copy a time frame so you can repeat it for another day instead of dragging it and recreating it constantly.

Custom Periods: Customize your working hours depending on vacations, inconvenience, blocked hours.

Staff Member Included: The last section of the page allows you to chose the staff member and consolidate it to the group

External ID: ID of the staff group in your own system.

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