PHP | Reseller API: how to get a list of all call-tracking phone numbers from your customers

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Here is a short PHP script to query the reseller API, read the JSON structure and connect to each customer account to retrieve the list of associated call-tracking phone numbers. The output is using tabs in a CSV file format, so that you can open it in a spreadsheet editor, such as Excel .

$data = file_get_contents('$APIKEYRESELLER&token=$SSOTOKENRESELLER');
$clients = json_decode($data);
foreach ($clients->items as $client) {
    $data2 = file_get_contents("$APIKEYRESELLER&token=" . $client->ssoToken);
    $ct = json_decode($data2);
    echo $client->email . "\t" . $ct->items[0]->trackingPhoneNumber . "\t" . $ct->items[0]->phoneNumber . "\t" . $ct->items[0]->name . "\n";

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