Best practices : inserting your images on the online appointment scheduling widget

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Best practices : inserting your images on the online appointment scheduling widget


The role of images and personalization of your online appointment scheduling solution

A solution for scheduling appointments at the service of your brand’s image

Whether it is to convert new prospects or to facilitate access to services for your users, scheduling of appointments online must first of all live up to your brand image . 

Beautiful images for a positive and engaging experience

Our appointment scheduling widget now gives a significant place to images and your communication elements (visual but also links to your social networks). This allows you to further highlight your services, your activity, but also your values! 

Make your content profitable by multiplying communication channels

Presenting effective, professional and engaging content also takes time, skills and investment. Whether these are carried out internally by the marketing / communication departments or outsourced by an agency, it is therefore necessary to make the most of the visibility of your graphic elements.

Selected or created for you tailor-made, they represent your brand, they must therefore be found or declined on your various communication channels, website, social networks, professional profile Google Business Profile, and also on your online appointment scheduling widget!

How to integrate your corporate images on the online appointment scheduling widget

Logo, pictogram, images: the different visuals to be expected

The first image to provide is of course your logo, which can be integrated into theconsole and on the widget, it will reassure users and contribute to the quality of your brand image.

Our advice  : for better integration of the logo, choose a PNG format which will allow the display of a cropped image, 200 pixels wide (maximum size 1MB).

For a more animated aspect you can also integrate it into an animated GIF!

To do this, go to the “Settings” screen, “Branch information” then “Company”. You will then find the “Company logo” section allowing you to add or change the logo that will appear on your online appointment booking widget.

Integrate a service group photo

The services can then be classified by groups , which may represent different poles or types of activities (eg Administrative Services, Commercial Services, Technical Services, etc.).

To change the presentation image of each group of services: go to the “Settings” screen, “Branch information” then “Services”, you will then find the “Groups” section on which you can make changes.

Click on “Groups” then create a group or select an existing group. You then access the settings screen where you can select a photo of your choice:

Our advice:  group photos are the first that appear to the user and as the first impression is often essential, therefore opt for an image with a landscape format with dimensions of 450 x 600 pixels minimum in resolution 72 pixels / inch in format JPG to optimize compression and display time.

Choose well and integrate the image of the services on the appointment scheduling platform

Integrate the image in the console and visualize the result on the widget

As for the “Service groups”, to change the presentation image of the services (you will have to fill in the photo of each service): go to the “Settings” screen, “Branch information” then “Services”. You can then select a service or create a new service then click on “add a photo” or “change photo” to insert your image.

Choose the right resolution and the right image size: single image.

Finally, the service image is the most important content that you can bring to your online booking process. It is displayed in the service selection screen, on the service selection summary screen, but also potentially in appointment notification emails depending on your settings.

It is therefore important to choose an engaging image, in your colors, representing your values and your services. Computer graphics, pictograms, color or black & white photos, you are free to offer the content of your choice, and to change them according to your seasonality or your events. 

For a suitable display you can choose images of dimensions 700 x 300 pixels, always in resolution 72 pixels / inch in JPG in order to optimize the compression and the display time (maximum size 1 Mo).

Please note that a zoom on the central part of the image will then be carried out on screen 2, summary of the choice of service of the widget, it is therefore advisable to avoid images with insufficient resolution or integration of texts on the image likely to to be incorrectly displayed. 

Tip: optimize the layout and provide additional information during the reservation process: cropping the service image

If you finally want to add additional information about your image or take maximum advantage of the different cropping of the service image on the widget, you can exploit different cropping, which will allow you to “hide” part of the image on the widget. service selection screen while displaying the hidden area on the service selection summary screen on the widget as well as on the notification emails. In this case, you must respect certain framing rules on your visual:

View 1, screen on widget service selection screen :

View 2, screen on widget service summary screen :

Practical case: here is an example of an image, resolution 700 x 600 pixels:

View 1, display on the services presentation screen on the widget (Discovery appointment):

View 2: its display on the summary screen of the widget, so you can add text, a logo or even information on the context of the appointment to the lower central part of the image:

Put into practice :

Frame compositions:

View 1:

View 2:

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