Insert videocall in appointments notifications

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Insert a videocall URL in appointment notifications

It is possible to automatically send a videoconference link in the appointment notifications. In the appointment confirmation and reminder message templates, it is easy to add a link, potentially with a dynamic part, so that the client can join the videoconference without having to send an email separately.


Location of an appointment

First of all, you need to define which services should take place via a videoconferencing link. This needs to be done in the service settings:

Microsoft Teams connector

A Microsoft Teams videoconferencing link is automatically generated if an Office 365 calendar is synchronized with the account.

Google Meet connector

A Google Meet videoconferencing link is automatically generated if a Google Agenda calendar is synchronized with the account.

Zoom connector

You can associate your Zoom account via the Online Connectors menu.

To get this option, ask it to your Agendize contact.

Integration with another videoconferencing platform

Zapier integration (eg: Zoom)

Many videoconferencing solutions interface with Zapier, meaning you can combine them to Zapier:

Here is an example for Zoom:

Permanent video conference web address (Jitsi, Whereby,

Here are a couple of videoconferencing solutions you can use with Agendize using email templates:

The solutions proposed as examples allow the use of a permanent videoconference address like https://whereby/meeting or

In the description of the team member (Console > Settings > Staff > Staff member), write the address of the videoconference as a link. 

It only remains to integrate this link in the notification templates: Console > Settings > Messages templates (see the dedicated article) by adding the dynamic text {staff description}. The dynamic text will be replaced automatically in each email by the content of the description field of the team member who will ensure the appointment. 

When the customer receives the email, all they have to do is click on the link to be connected to the videoconference.

Dynamic video conference web address (Jitsi)

In order to get a different room for each appointment, it is possible to use a unique link with Jitsi in the notification emails. To have this unique ID from available data in the platform, we can use the appointment ID. In the message templates, use the link{event id} where {event id} stands for the unique identifier of the appointment.

The ICS calendar invite will provide the URL:

Shortcuts to quickly launch a videocall on mobile (WhatsApp)

In some cases, you can also save valuable time by simply making it easier to launch a videocall through a specific app on mobile devices. With WhatsApp for instance, you can insert their quick-access links in email templates or text-reminders to quickly launch the app to the right phone number, using this type of link:{phone}

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